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Green Island Diving, Snorkeling Trips

Take a trip to Green Island (just off the East coast of Taiwan) and enjoy excellent scuba diving and snorkeling year round.
Green Island Adventures


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Kids Masks

You can order everything a kid diver needs at the appropriate sizes. Our range of children's equipment includes wetsuits, masks, fins, snorkels and so on. Browse our catalog of products below and simply let us know what you are interested in. Be sure to specify item numbers of the gear you like

  Children's Masks

M-59K Twingo Junior Mask

M-59K Twingo Junior Mask FULL VIEW
  Available Sizes:     N/A
  Available Colors:   Neon Yellow Clear Blue Clear Black Clear Purple

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Taiwan Address: 18th Alley, No. 23, Hui Zhong Road, Taichung, Taiwan
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